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PallyPower v3.2.8
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Files Updated:                  Fri, Oct 16 2009
Supports Game Version:     3.2.0

Pally Power is an add-on that provides an interactive and easy to use interface that allows you to control assignments of blessings for yourself and, if you are a party leader or an assistant, for other paladins in your group or raid. You don't need to be a paladin to control raid/party blessings.

Buff button controls are:
Aura button:
    Mouse Scroll = change aura
RF button:
    Left click = cast RF
    Right click = cast seal
    Shift + Mouse scroll = RF on/off
    Mouse scroll = change seal
    Left click = 30 minute buff, auto-target people w/o buff or low buff time remaining
    Right click = 10 minute buff, auto-target people w/o buff or low buff time remaining, buff either the same as class or personal if assigned
Class buttons:
    Left click = 30 minute buff, auto target
    Right click = 10 minute buff, auto target
    Mouse scroll = change buff
    Shift + mouse scroll = change buffs for all classes
Player buttons:
    Left click = 30 minute buff, targets the person you click
    Right click = 10 minute buff, targets the person you click, buff either the same as class or personal if assigned
    Mouse scroll = change personal 10-minute buff

    In combat all auto-targetting and buff selection features are disabled and player buttons are the only way to re-cast blessings.
     To access PallyPower blessing assignment interface please use either a command "/pp config" or Broker_PallyPower add-on.

Assignment window controls are:
    Right click = clear blessing
    Left click or mouse scroll = cycle blessing
    Shift + mouse scroll = cycle blessings for all classes at the same time
    Clear = removes all assignments from you or paladins you control
    Refresh = rebuild your buff bar with new assignments + request a report from other paladins about their assignments
    Options = opens the options menu with tons of customization options and layout controls.
Personal 10 minute blessings controls:
1) Drag and drop = pick a person name and drop it onto a desired class. (Example: Drag cat druid and drop it on rogue class icon to assign the same blessings).
2) Menu selection = select person for 10-minute buff, select paladin who's going to do the blessing, select a blessing.
3) Mouse wheel on the player button
Official support thread: http://forums.wowace.com/showthread.php?t=7205

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